About Me

  • hi i'm andrea and I blog a lot. 
Well, this is me, I'm Andrea and I dream a lot and blog about unsense things.
I love MUSIC. Music is kind of my boyfriend and my best friends, 
I do have friends okay?
Anyway, I love boys, boys who can treat you like princess and these boys have done that: 
-justin bieber
-jonas brothers
-one direction
-greyson chance
-cody simpson
and order does not count. 
Also, I think if I ever get famous, my idols would be scared of me, but the best thing is that they will probably now my name.
I dream a lot and I try to follow my dreams and follow my heart and the best thing I can do right know is express myself to myself because i don't think people notice me anyway, yay I'M A WALLFLOWER. I see things I understand (sometimes)
What I was I saying? oh yes
the ways I express:
  • songwriting
  • photographing
  • writing short stories 
  • blogging
  • writting in my diary/private tumblr
  • getting lost in my own mind yay
And um I'm multifandom, so I post a lot of things, on my tumblr and on here, here is more me and more personal.
And i'm a tumblr girl so that's why you see so much awesome in here.

Life is worth, you should try the things you like, I love trying, I love my life, I love these land, I love all these people around, I love the universe, and I'm afraid I love memories because it makes you remember how happy you can be. 

I hope this useless post will make you know how crazy I am. 

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