sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2012

Top 15 places to go.

Holiday is almost close!
Why shouldn't you go traveling?
Here is the most amazing places you should go.
Every country is beautiful but this are the ones that are in my mind right now.
1. New York - United States
2. Sydney - Australia
3. Los Angeles - United States
4. Paris - France
5. Vancouver - Canada
6. Gold Coast - Australia
7. Tokyo - Japan
8. London - United Kingdom
9. Athens - Greece
10. Rome - Italy
11. Madrid - Spain
12. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
13. Buenos Aires - Argentina
14. Dublin - Ireland
15. Hong Kong - China
Well, there's a lot of cities in earth and I'm dying to go every country I can but these cities are on my mind right know! 
Also, everyone should come to Colombia, we have some nice places too.
Well, let's get into the plane
and check on google earth!!!!!!1111

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